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Thank you to stay "pro" and to use the Mini-chat if you have question about... read


Each order without BTC wallet address or without transaction link will be canceled au... read

Hi everybody this is Darkmarket

I miss you all my brothers..
After a long time down my store is coming back. R... read

Blog&Shop is FREE

Your Blog, your Shop... FREE!
It is possible because of the team of official ... read

How to order

No registration required to place one order!
So how to follow one order?
... read

How to remove banners in Blog&Shop?

You can send a simple request to support to remove all banners from your Blog&Sho... read

How can I use this blog !

We can use this blog like a traditional blog of course!
But in Blog&Shop, ... read


dark : How to sell credit card

killer : hitmanegy

backdoor2015 : i will like to a wa to contact the seller of the btc methord

jimmini : this seems legit

eraf :


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